Sleep programs designed for women’s life moments.


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Personalized to life moments, for long lasting results.

At moonalisa, we understand that every moment in life can have a significant impact on how you feel both presently and in the future.

That's why we take all of your life experiences into account to help you feel better and improve your overall well-being.


How it works.


Team up

We evaluate your sleep quality and create a customized program to address your specific needs. Next, we pair you with one of our sleep coaches who will guide you through the program.


Follow your program

Gain access to the moonalisa app, which offers daily lessons, exercises, and a sleep diary.


Track your progress

Receive weekly customized progress reports from your coach and achieve your goals.

Say goodbye to

The impact of sleep

Improving your sleep will offer you long term benefits but it will also help you manage others symptoms of your life moments and reduce risks of:

Hot flashes


Preterm birth



And other

"90% of our users experience improvements in falling asleep, time asleep or awakenings after only 2 weeks."

Real world success stories

Become part of our community of individuals who share a common goal of improving their sleep.

Kim - Pregnant

”I wasn’t able to fall asleep when I was waking up during the night. Moonalisa helped me doing so without any medication.


Megan - Menopaused

”The convenience and the coaching support are wonderful. I love that the program is tailored to me.

Andrea - Mom

”This is working for me! Started sleeping much better after 1 week. My coach is super supportive and the program is highly personalized to me.

Katie - College student

”I like how Moonalisa provides therapy support for my insomnia related to my menstruation and not just random information that I can found on menstrual cycle apps.

Kim - Pregnant

”I wasn’t able to fall asleep when I was waking up during the night. Moonalisa helped me doing so without any medication.

Take care of your sleep.

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Disclaimer: moonalisa is a self-management & well-being tool for diagnosed insomnia and is not intended as a treatment for insomnia and does not replace care by your provider and insomnia treatments you may be using. You should continue to take your medications as directed by your healthcare provider. If you have any feelings or thoughts of harming yourself or others, please dial 911 (or local equivalent) or go to the nearest emergency room.
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